Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

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Artemisia, The Magic of the Green Fairy! 

I'm working on a companion book for Some Enchanted Dream, and it's the story of the Green Fairy of Absinthe Lore. If you read Some Enchanted Dream, you met Artemisia briefly. She was enticed by a Frenchman, seduced, and then imprisoned by him at the turn of the nineteenth century. She thought he loved her, but he only wanted to steal her magical potion, and gain control of the recipe for Absinthe!  

Artemisia's story will be told in full. If you want more of the Green Fairy, you can support my work as a member of Patreon. I'm building a community there where patrons get exclusive content never before seen by readers. If you want to peek into the creative process of an author, here's a chance, and we've got special treats for each level of patronage, so you'll be entertained and rewarded for supporting your favorite author. My Patreon page is Lily Silver, Author. Link will be coming shortly....

My newest book is almost done!  

Midnight Rose Gothic Romance is a new series featuring modern vampires and the people who love them. In book one, Strictly Gothic, Gothic Photographer Serena Cole encounters something dark and sexy on her road trip to the old south to photograph abandoned cemeteries. She notices an aberration on her images, the shadowy image of a man. Is it a ghost following her? If so what does the spirit want from her? 

A recent murder in the area has everyone on edge, and Serena worries that her college intern might be a suspect. As they explore the Louisiana cemeteries, once thing is certain, Serena has attracted the attention of something dark, sexy and dangerous. 

NEW RELEASE:  February 12,2016 

Noble Assassin, Book Four of Reluctant Heroes is now available for purchase in ebook format. Paperback version is to follow soon.   

Deadly Assassin Ambrose Duchamp meets his match when Aphrodite brings a shy governess across his path. Ambrose was first featured as a support character in Dark Hero, Book 1 of Reluctant Heroes. Available on Amazon,  and on Kobo, Nook and itunes for a limited time. 

Join me for a hot cup of coffee and relax. Let's travel through time to another place, a magical place where adventure and true love wait.  

My name is Lily Silver and I am a romance author. I write historical and contemporary romances. My specialty is a unique blend of Historical Romance with a Paranormal Twist. 

Here's to Dark Coffee and Dark Heroes! 

Serve it any way you like, with a shot of history, a pinch of mystery or danger, a splash of

bittersweet chocolate with paranormal elements--and don't forget the whipped cream topping!  

What is your flavor of Hero? I love Dark Heroes!

If you like Pirates,  Wizards, Werewolves, Regency Rakes, Irish Scoundrels or Gallant Rogues--its all good. And don't forget the Fey race. Fairies are not just for children's bedtime stories, they can be in yours, too.  

Romance--the search for lasting love--is the heart and soul of human existence in any time period. So, go ahead, read a romance without the added guilt! It won't raise your cholesterol but it will give your heart a lift as one of the standards of the romance genre is the ending---Happily Ever After! 

Book Signing At Four Seasons Resort, Pembine WI

 Here I am at a book signing event on July 29th, 2013.


Appearance at the Library for a talk on creating believable ghosts in fiction, October 2014