Some Enchanted Dream, the sequel to Some Enchanted Waltz, will be released this spring. Date is to be determined, likely end of April or Early May. 

Tara and Adrian will spend some time in Paris during the 1889 exhibit. As they try to adjust to one another and to married life, they uncover a dark plot that could threaten the future of mankind. The Darkling Fey are hiding in the shadows, hoping to crush this new era of human achievement and progress celebrated during the 1889 Paris Exhibition.  

Tara finds her fey powers are increasing, while Adrian is floundering in a world where he's no longer the rich and powerful Viscount Dillon. Can their love survive these sweeping changes in their relationship? 

Latest News Update: Some Enchanted Waltz gets a new cover in preparation for the next book in the series, Some Enchanted Dream:

Previous cover from  June 2012 .......

Book Signing At Four Seasons Resort, Pembine WI

 Here I am at a book signing event on July 29th, 2013.


Writing Romance: The heart of the matter

Welcome to my little plot of cyberspace. I am a historian and a writer.

I am passionate about two things in life:

Strong Coffee & Strong Romantic Heroes.


A little info about the nerdy side of me: My degree studies focused on the Colonial, & Revolutionary periods of American history in the mid to late 18th century, and also the Early American Republic era of the 19th century. With a second major in Humanistic Studies, my research emphasis is in Ancient and Medieval Studies, specifically the Classical period thru the Middle Ages.

This site is an extension of my overactive imagination as an author (and coffee drinker)--and it is also a relaxed, welcoming coffeehouse type of research site for those wishing to find out a little more about everyday life in the 18th century. You'll find trivia here, along with some resource listings if you want to pursue a more serious vein. History is fun, because its about people--its the story of us. 

I love researching history, but I also love to read romances. It's my vice.

Strong Coffee & Strong Romantic Heroes: 

Serve it up any way you like; with a dash of history, mystery or elements of the paranormal. Vampires, Pirates, Wizards or Vikings. Its all good.              

Romance--the search for lasting love--is the heart and soul of human existence in any time period. So, go ahead, read a romance without the added guilt! It won't raise your cholesterol or give you cancer, but it will give your heart a lift as one of the standards of the romance genre is the ending---Happily Ever After!

Join me for a steaming cup of rich, dark freshly ground coffee and lose yourself in a timeless romance. 

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