Romancing History

Join Lily Silver in a Romantic waltz through History with unique stories of enduring love.

Writing Romance: The heart of the matter

Welcome to my little plot of cyberspace. I am a historian and a writer.

I am passionate about two things in life:

Strong Coffee & Strong Romantic Heroes.


This site is an extension of my overactive imagination as an author (and coffee drinker)--and it is also a relaxed, welcoming coffeehouse type of research site for those wishing to find out a little more about everyday life in the 18th century. You'll find trivia here, along with some resource listings if you want to pursue a more serious vein. History is fun, because its about people--its the story of us. 

I love researching history, but I also love to read romances. It's my vice.

Strong Coffee & Strong Romantic Heroes: 

Serve it up any way you like; with a dash of history, mystery or elements of the paranormal. Vampires, Pirates, Wizards or Vikings. Its all good.              

Romance--the search for lasting love--is the heart and soul of human existence in any time period. So, go ahead, read a romance without the added guilt! It won't raise your cholesterol or give you cancer, but it will give your heart a lift as one of the standards of the romance genre is the ending---Happily Ever After!

Join me for a steaming cup of rich, dark freshly ground coffee and lose yourself in a timeless romance. 

Book Signing At Four Seasons Resort, Pembine WI

 Here I am at a book signing event on July 29th, 2013.